Environmental Planning Podcasts for New England Towns

Oct 24, 2010 Comments Off

Consensus Building Institute (CBI) LogoThe Borderlands Project aims to balance economic development and environmentalism in a sustainable way in rural village centers along the Connecticut–Rhode Island border. Our contribution won us an award from the US Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution.

The Consensus Building Institute was asked to facilitate a long-term public planning process as part of this project. Part of it included interviews with stakeholders about what they value about their community. Capturing this input is vital to preserving what it is that residents like about their towns while they also work to change them for the better through sustainable economic development. It also gives participants greater voice, allows representatives to show their constituents that they are faithful to their camp”s interests, and encourages deliberative dialogue in the public sphere.

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iPod showing CBI PodcastAdroit interviewed stakeholders at public meetings and edited the digital recordings into narrated Podcasts that were played on local radio stations and made available to stream or download for free online. There is one Podcast for Killingly, Connecticut and another for Exeter, Rhode Island, which can be heard here and here, respectively.


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