Adroit Wins National Award!

News Oct 23, 2010 No Comments

Adroit and the Consensus Building Institute (CBI) shared a national award for their innovative use of technology for environmental conflict resolution.

The Innovation in Technology and Environmental Conflict Resolution (ECR) Award, presented by the US Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution, “is designed to promote and recognize cutting-edge applications of new technologies within collaborative environmental processes.” Adroit and CBI won the “Visioning Technologies” category for entries “that help stakeholders think creatively and conceptualize project options to support shared solutions to environmental conflict and challenges.”

As part of a long-term town-planning effort in Exeter, RI and Killingly, CT, Adroit helped CBI to interview stakeholders. From those recordings, Adroit stitched together narrated descriptions of what the residents valued about their towns that should be respected, protected, and enshrined in current plans to redevelop the towns” downtown areas. These sound files were made available online and played over the local radio. This represented the first known use of such Podcasts for the purpose of public engagement around collaborative town-planning processes.

To listen to the Podcasts and learn more about the project, click here.

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